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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 25, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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kerrey barrett has joined us. >> high. >> good morning. now, what doses it mean when she says get buck wild. >> when he wants to go crazy, out in the streets with women in public, do you have hit him up sounds. >> like spending all his monday. >> i like neiman marcus -- in style. >> it is thursday, september the 25th, 2014. so you posed this question earlier watch do women want in a us? >> we know men search with laid which is similar ideas, not the number one quality women are looking for. so tweet us what do you think, use the hashtag fox 29 good day, what do women want in a man? >> of course guys are looking probably for the visual first. but it is probably -- oh, look at this. >> of course. >> oh, the for example and virgin airlines, you know. >> rich bronson. >> sir richard bronson. >> so richard bronson. okay.
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great faust for the employees of virgin. they can take a vacation whenever they want. unlimited vacation time. why he thinks this will motivate his staff more, how much vacation time would you take if you had the choice? plus this: we have -- come, say hi, whole family is here, all three of us. >> my family is here, too. there are six of us, pull it right over there. >> on good day this morning, why the former cast mates are teaming up once again. >> okay. >> because they're good together. >> i can't wait to talk to them. >> i know, going to be sun. >> i so, can we just relate to something that happened to the two of us after the show yesterday? >> oh, goodness, what happened? >> we walk over to this little deli, down the street, i go there every single day. >> i don't. >> so i made a purchase. and kerrey and i were having a conversation, so she was standing next to me.
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and just as we're leaving the deli, the woman behind the counter says to you, what did she say? >> she saysment. why are you doug? >> oh,. >> not are you pregnant. it wasn't a question. what are you due, right, right, right. but here is the thing, this is not the first time that this has happened. >> no. >> so, we need it backtrack a little bit. >> okay. >> so it was five months after avery was born. >> okay. >> you and i were in -- that's avery right there, about to turn four. >> five months after she's born, you and i boorda elevator. >> here at the station. >> oh,. >> so someone who works here? >> somebody else was cents in there. and i won't say who, but their name rhymes with strong maboygen. he looks at me and he says when are you due? and i say due for what? >> a raise? >> due for the end of my shift in a couple of hours? he said no, when are you due. i'm still confused, and mike knows entirely waist going on.
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>> you didn't say anything? >> i'm mortified. >> and he he's just sweating, facing the corn. >> i'm against the wall in the elevator at this point. >> like he can't get out of there quick enough. >> it won't move! it is moving so slow, i have to get up this he will ate involve. >> so he says again, when are you due? and i said due to die? he's like no, no, no, then leans over with his finger he makes this swirling motion and points to my stomach and he says when are you due? >> she had a baby five months ago. >> that's when i i didn't know if i should be more offended he thought i was still pregnant or the fact somebody i work with and i hadn't been on the fair for three months didn't realize they had already left more maternity, become back for two months, on the air. this lady obviously had no idea, but i will gave you a word for the wise. >> as you said as you left the del. >> i as i left the deli, i said: you never ask if a woman is pregnant, unless you see crowning. that's the only time it is
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appropriate. >> only time you're sure? >> i don't care if you're almost positive. >> oh, my gosh. >> after years in the broadcasting industry, my heart is somewhat callous, i have no feelings left. but for somebody else, that might be quite damaging. >> unless she is in the hospital, water is broken, she's cursing, uncontrollably, and you see a head coming out. >> then you know, then you can ask. once the baby is coming out. >> as we are leaving the station to walk to the deli, i said, kerrey. >> i was cents in my gym gear. and he goes jokingly, are you sure you want to lever the station way. and i said well nothing like a little public humiliation to get my butt in gear. >> to motivate to you work out. >> to go to the gym. >> so ask and your receive. >> oh, no. >> it was horrifying. >> yes, were you actually a pretty good sport about it. >> at this point, like i said, i have no feelings. >> we both were shocked,
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again, and you took it well. but on the way out, her voice went up. >> oh! >> again, it's five months post baby. >> why do they ask that? >> i mean, you know what? and i will be honest, i don't completely have it back yet. i'm still 20 pounds over where i used to be. but this is where i keep my magic powers. >> sure. >> i can hold onto them for little while. >> you must be really powerful. >> (laughing). >> oh, come on, see, he's the problem, he's the problem. >> oh, you are beautiful still. >> oh, my gosh, you're a door job yep, still working it off. >> it's fine. >> let's talk about, get nag relationship, and the children come later. >> and chubby the rest of your live. >> right too. late to get rid of you. so, ladies, what is the number
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one requirement in a husband? you know, that he's a kind person, a caring person, maybe religious views are the same? survey we found, the woman simply wants the guy to have a job. >> according to research center study, 78% of woman want to settle down with a man with solid employment. 70% said having similar ideas about kids is what matters most to them, and then 38% said same moral beliefs. but it may be hard to find a man with a job. because only 82% of men ages 25 to 34 were employed in 2012, foremen, they say, their priority in a mate having similar ideas about kids. but it is to doesn't seem like anyone is in a had your toy tie the knot. all time hi, single adults, if this trends continues, record 25% will still be single in their mid 40's, to mid 50's. >> but still, just because people are living together, without getting married.
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>> probably, yes. >> happening a lot. >> more guys don't have jobs compared to the 60s because that's when women just, well, they stayed at home. >> right, indeed. >> women are now officially by the way in this country 50% of the work force. >> right. >> exactly split now. >> well, so things are more equal. >> now, when you look at man like quincy, what do you think his wife wanted him him? >> i wonder. >> the studly manliness? >> keep going, kerrey, love it. >> n awe look amazing by the way, kerr. >> i she does. >> by the way, you look amazing, just want to let you know. but i think you said 08 considers. >> no, it doesn't -- >> mike? >> 82% of men have jobs? that's still like a lot of men that have jobs. i don't think it is about the money. i think women want men that are responsible.
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loyal. a lot of guys have jobs, like cheat on their wives, so i think women looking for loyalty, i think sense of humor. >> that's a big one. >> yes, like sense of humor, a listener, like really understands them, a in your too err, like women love to be newer toured. because i don't think it is all about the money. because women can be in a relationship with a guy that has like a ton of money but are super miserable. so i think it is about the other characteristics. >> i don't know. >> you know, these women are raised by their parents, and the father figure, and you look to your parents for security, isn't that that's what the woman is looking for, security, in case you have children, that everybody will be a provider. >> provider. could be. >> i think as women get older, oh, i want a kid, i want a relationship, they'll bypass a guy having the greatest of jobs to just be in a relationship with a guy that's
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like a nut nurturer. >> a man with integrity. a man you can trust. that was always way high on my list. i always assumed that i would be working, i mean, my mom didn't work, but i didn't like that dynamic. so i always new that i was going to be working, in fact, i even wanted to be the bread winner. so it wasn't necessarily money that i think i was looking at for job. >> oh, a perfect woman. she wants to be the bread winner. >> can't cheat on me. you have to be a man of inch telling rhett. >> i you agree they told me, alex, all men cheat. >> no, no. >> no. >> i'm telling you the truth, we all cheat. >> no. >> you know, alex holley, has an interesting take on dating. can i say what it is? >> oh, goodness, what are you going to say? >> oh, i opportunity hear this. >> this be happy for the rest of your life. >> never make a pretty woman
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your wife. >> but you said that you trust maybe not a real attractive guy. >> oh, ya, like when i was in high school and college and everything, i never wanted to go for the real handsome guys. i thought they were too much work, too many women were looking at him. i wanted the guy who was just okay, didn't really notice walking down the street, i thought they were the safer choice. >> there is something to that, i think. >> here is the philosophy with that, alex, your a very pretty young lady, a lot of guys are asking me about you around the city. if you get with a average looking guy, what's going to happen is the woman are going to say oh, alex could have anybody, why is she dealing with him? >> i agree. >> i need to find out why al sex with that guy, and then that guy cheats oh, they all cheat. see? >> but it sound like you don't have confidence when you should be brimming your smart, smoking hot. >> oh, that's nice. >> see i was a nurds in high school, college, i was a here, the nurds, so i think that's probably why. >> not a loser. >> i concentrated on my studies, so never real a first
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pick. >> that might be why. >> that's craze. >> i mike, we need to find out what the guys want. that's what we need to ask. >> oh, we know what they want. >> please. >> that's not even a question. >> very short in my taste. >> a woman with money. >> where were you when you were single? i would have beg to you marry me. >> you want to be the bread winner. eleven minutes past 9:00. a man running a trillion dollar business, which i'm not sure, quit his job to spend more time with his family. making -- putting all dads to shame. >> this is former investment firm ceo muhammad el erien. he quit his job after his daughter wrote him a letter 22 milestones he missed because of work, just avenue over the past year, first day of
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school, first soccer match, that whole thing, included parent teacher conferences as well. he said that the list was with a awake up call. he said he realized after he saw that, it kind of snapped him into his life was way out of balance. >> well, lit late now, isn't this kid an adult? >> she is ten. >> oh. she is ten now? >> ten now. >> oh, she is ten. >> she wrote it and she gave it to him. >> wow, a ten year old is writing a list of 22 things her dad miss in the. >> just in this year. >> when was ten i hadn't done 22 things. >> other than pick your nose probably. >> the dad would go to sleep at 9:00, wake up at 1:00 in the morning, then work on his newspaper columns until 4:30, they lived in california, so he would get out on the trading floor at 4:30 a.m., their time, woe spend five hours there, three and a half hours there, somewhere thereabouts, then get to up his offers at 9:00. >> okay. >> so he missed everything, because by the time he got home from work at 7:30 or
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8:00 it was like an hour philadelphia he had to go to bed, and only living on fours hour of sleep. >> oh, what a guy. >> but he made a hundred million dollars a year. >> oh, but i still have a hundred million dollars in the bank, i'll quit. what a frightening move. >> that's correct the things. like would you like to be in his position where parents would be able to quit their jobs. >> not everyone has cents that choice to be able to do that. >> no, it is crazy. i know, tough for me, i love what i do and this shift is great for moms, because working with you. >> i do like what i do, darn it, mike. >> okay, that's my story and i'm sticking to t anyway, i get home about 11:00, 11:30 in the morning, i get to see avery all afternoon, but buoy sneak in her morning in the morning, kiss her little head do say good-bye, sometimes she wakes up, mommy, missed you yesterday, please don't go into work i just want you to stay home and play with me all
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day. >> and then you turn your back on your child and leave anyway. >> oh! >> okay. >> oh, my god necessary. >> it is 9:13. imagine having a job that gives you unlimited vacations cents time? that has actually happening with a company. >> sir richard branson, president of virgin group, told his employees to take as much vacation time as they wanted because the company just isn't keeping track. the new non-policy applies to salary workers at virgin's main office. branson says employees can take a vacation as long as they feel comfortable, stepping away from the offers. virgin hopes it will boost more all, and attract more people. >> does anybody know how this actually works? i mean, you can't take like 50 weeks out of the year. >> probably -- it says as long as you feel comfortable stepping away, i'm sure it makes you feel uncomfortable at times. >> i love the words when you get back and you'll never want to go on vacation. >> gone three months. i'm starting to feel uncomfortable. i'll go back to work. but it is only salaried employees. i thought it might be the
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opposite. >> no, salaried. >> is the idea then that you only have people working for you who really want to be at their job. >> i think that's part of it. >> like going to the ticket counters, when i was in texas i would go in the airport, and you see like it is all quiet, and go to american airlines, all of the different ones, virgin, music, hey! you know? fun. >> have you flown? >> no, i have not. >> try flowing them coast-to-coast. >> really? >> like you're in a night club. >> really? maybe that's why they don't want to go on vacation? nerve ' having fun. >> ticket agents were dancing, like it was party. >> i love. that will southwest used to be like kind of cool, too, have kind of a party on the plane. what if we did that here at fox? >> have a party? >> everybody show up. >> oh, we would be there. >> i'm thinking about a party. >> we have like five employees. >> that's true.
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>> but apparently, kerrey, would you always be here. >> of course, i love it. >> anyway, did anyone win powerball? 225 -- somebody won it? jessica, jessica, in the control room? did you look that up? >> we will look the information up, sue, and get right -- >> oh, i forgot to get in the office pool. >> i did, too. we never win though. >> one of these times. >> oh, my gosh. >> sue, there is some big blob over old city. what is it? >> the blob over the ben franklin bridge. so there is part of the bridge right there. there is the blob. it is a rain drop. we've been seeing tons of them this morning. but i will tell you this. we need the rain. we're actually at a deficit for the month of september of about 2 inches, so we have
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winds gusting to up 20, 30 miles an hour, and still raining, at least in this area that stretches from central -- south central new jersey all the way through the central part of pennsylvania. soap, it is in the 50's to the north and west of us, 60 degrees in philadelphia, 70 down in wildwood, 65 degrees in millville. and temperatures aren't going to move very much at all. 66 degrees, is all we'll get for high temperature today. but then we gain 10 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. and look at the weekend. eighty on saturday, 82 on sunday. looking fabulous, so, that is your pay off, guys, for suffering through today. al next. >> that is that it? real quickly, somebody in california won the powerball. >> oh, yes, california. >> the full pot. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm really happy for them. i hate you. >> okay, so season premiere of bones tonight. can you believe it is the tenth season? >> what? >> we now, of course, philadelphia answer own david, big star of the show, but did
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you know star em lee de sheinelle also has a philly connection? yes. >> so high, karen, spend some time. >> they're so much fun, a delight. they love philly. they're great. so emily, the older sister of zoe, but here's the interesting thing, they also have a philly connection. her dad was a director, who academy award winning film, nominated. >> from here? >> grew up in swarthmore. >> everybody's from philly. >> so talking to them about this, because normally all of these fun things, jen, gets to interview the stars, oh, i understand you're from swartz more, you have all of these philly connections cents. she said actually i just came back, my grandmother's funeral, first time i was here, came back because her grandmother died. this is bones, you know, the show. so they have gallo humor. she a delight and fun a and talking about their connections cents. >> i saw promo for this, and david's characters, looks like he's in jail. >> in prison. we will get to that in a
9:19 am
second. let me first show you some of the philly love. listen. >> love you. >> we will be watching. >> oh, yeah. philadelphia, flyers, eagles. >> love it. >> phillies, (movie clip). >> dramatic beginning of season ten, orange is the new black. we have of course, the david character, who is in prison, going up against big wigs in the fbi. here is the thing i like. when you watch the show, i want to show you little clip, this happens all the time. all they do is talk about philly and our flyers. listen. >> i love philadelphia. >> bones. >> bones. >> bones, right, bones. >> you are really good.
9:20 am
bones, bones, go to king of prussia mall and get bones. go to the mall, yo, and see dino. >> i group grew up in southern california. >> hey, what's up, jersey shore. >> when we watch the show, how much do you put into it? >> a lot. opening part of it, the epi-center like talking about flyers game. >> oh, ya, i do, very intense, i mean, flyers organization to me is like family, they're such a great group of people. i love ed snyder over there in the organization what they do for snyder youth and his program, and it is just they've opened me up, open arms, great people. yes, i get the flyers references cents as much as possible. >> and you get to wear orange in prison. >> right. so, i am in orange, but underneath, they don't see that black emblem down underneath the orange. >> the orange and the black. >> yes. >> certainly love city of brotherly love. >> all of their episodes. >> you know, karen, you
9:21 am
pronounce bones that way. >> bones. >> bones. >> it is the philly bone home. so they're cute. the show tonight. big season premiere at 8:00 right here on fox 29. >> so watch bones thanks, karen. >> still ahead on this program, of course it is thursday, fox fursday. do you know need a vacation. >> how does a trip to mexico sounds? how you can win when fox fursday starts next. how you can win when fox fursday starts next. >> ♪ who let the
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> grab your pups and your leashes, almost time for the annual put strut. >> your efforts could actually get you a trip to cancun, sue here with some of the details on that. >> yes, melissa here from paw's, we have beautiful animals, and the reason we're talking about the mud strut now, even though it doesn't happen until october 11th, you want to give people a chance
9:25 am
to get a lot of money, maybe win a prize. >> yes fun for us, helps us raise monday that i we use all year long, animals depending on us, we want people to register early, fundraising site, ask your friends and family to support you, chance to win amazing prizes. >> name one. >> so the top fundraisers will win trip to cancun. >> okay. >> top fundraising team will win super box tickets to see the flyers. >> nice. >> and real exciting things happening. >> good work. >> thank you. >> october 11, and there is so much fun that's going to be there, i mean, you walk, what, mile and a half? >> yes. >> around the navy yard. at the navy yard. huge festival area. we have food trucks, live music, amazing activities for the dogs and for kids and for adults, i mean, it is just a big fun day, nice, beautiful walk through the navy yards. >> okay. >> and yes, a loft fun. >> sign up for that now. we've got some brothers here, available for adoption. they couldn't be any cuter. >> they are super cute. their names are oreo and able. we are guest g they're about
9:26 am
six months to year old. they're brussels, given mixes. >> beautiful. >> and they're really bonds today each other. oreo is being held, because he's just a little bit after timid boy. >> yes. >> and feels more comfortable in arms, but they're really connect today each other. we are hoping to find them a home together. >> together. then we have miss brooklyn, the fashion model. she is so beautiful. >> yes,. >> become lynn between a year and two years old, surrendered to the shelter by her family, who could not afford to keep her. >> and she has some training, right? >> she does, in a wonderful foster home right now, plays beautifully with other dogs, walks beautifully on a lean -- leash, learning commands, and is trained and will make great family pet. >> thanks for bringing them n we need homes for the animals. this is busy time of year for us, thursday day folks, so many great animal events. two of them coming up this weekend, remember, the mud stride october 11. but first friday is tomorrow.
9:27 am
benefitting the red paw emergency relief. we love them. and then, saturday, i will be at the main line animal rescues barko lounge event, and giving -- oh, auctioning off, not giving it away, auction off to benefit main line animal rescue, for fox fursday segment here on "good day" philadelphia. so is where you go for information about all of the furs friday! so hopefully new families for all of you guys very, very soon. back to you. thanks, sue. well, guess who is going to be on the show this morning? listen. >> god i hope someone walks up soon so i can say welcome, i just want to say welcome to paradise. >> well, we going to be saying welcome to kristin, and also why the former s&l cast mates are teaming up again. why the former s&l cast mates are teaming up again. we love
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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as you know from saturday night live, some of the best, characters. >> yes. >> ever on saturday night live. >> now kristin wig and bill hater are keeping up about estranged twins reunited after they both cheated death. lets take a look at the skeleton twins. >> i have got news for you. >> george clooney is a famous actor, george clooney that is one exception. >> ten years without talking. >> that is no what we're talking about now. >> tell me a secret. >> yes. >> maggie. >> wouldn't it be easier just to tell me thaw are not ready to have a kid. >> what will we do. >> i told somebody i was in
9:32 am
town, don't freak out. >> fine. >> kristin and bill join us here on "good day philadelphia" right now. well will come to philadelphia >> hi. >> good morning. >> are we the first station to talk to you today. >> yes. >> yes. >> we're so happy to be here. >> don't you think. >> yes, let's try to spruce this up a little bit. so kristin, you spent time in philadelphia. >> yes, i used to live in lancaster when i was a young girl, so we were go to king of prussia for back to school clothes. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> she knows kop. >> yes. >> and, did you know that teen fey grew up here.
9:33 am
>> no. >> he is still asleep. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> i did not know that. >> so, kerry was saying, she's sitting next to me she said would you tribe this as a dark, why sit called a skeleton twins. >> it is kind of a dark comedy, yeah. >> we're twins in the films. there is other reason where you have to see the movie, you don't want to give away, but it is, when we made the film we thought we were making a sweet drama and, then, it was weird, with sun tans there was a big crowd pleaser where people were laughing and it has, the whole gamut of emotions. >> we do turn into skeletons in the end. >> our characters do have skeletons. >> you were intending people to laugh at this film. >> yes, not as much as they did. >> yes, we weren't expecting
9:34 am
the people, we didn't expect people to lavas much as they did but it is incredibly funny but it is also, you know, a very moving film. >> i think it is just when you two are together, people just laugh, i think that is part of it. >> do you want to us just stair into the camera and see if what happens at home. >> yes. >> normally, when they are together, we laugh, but not now. >> yes, not right now. >> not now. >> okay. >> so when you are out here, i don't want to go back to snl but we kind of have to. >> why? >> kristin, my favorite is you probably get this on the street all the time when you are the woman with the lottery people what is the name, clearinghouse publishers clearinghouse. >> yes. >> oh, yeah, that was great. >> yes. >> where did you come up with that. >> i think people come up to you on the street, and yes.
9:35 am
>> that is one of my favorite. >> what do people mention to you you the most. >> oh, gosh, i don't know. >> yeah, probably. >> i don't get target lady but i can't take my eyes off of her, where did you find her, did you meet somebody like that. >> i don't get target lady either, i'm glad you said that. i always had a problem with target lady. >> at least you are honest. >> i don't get her, maybe that is why she's funny. >> that why is we love target lady, be in gets it. >> yes. >> but watching it the for some reason. >> i don't get the news. >> oh, a shot of us. >> wow, burn, this is just gone viral. >> bill, i will do my favorite for you and it is stephan, where did you find stephan that was john mulaney got an e-mail that was basically what
9:36 am
you see. it was for a club. it was like you got to go to the club that has everything. actually, it is a roomful of broken glass. >> yes. >> and it is actual e-mail said roomful of broken glass, we started laughing, and that is really it. >> it seems like you have a hard time getting through it without laughing. >> yeah, john would start putting things in that i hadn't seen to mess with me, yes, so on the the q cards or tell me as i was walking out, i change this to this. >> spice it up a little bit. >> just to throw me offy don't see many movies anymore because this one looks really good. >> two of my favorite people. >> thank you, very much. >> thanks for coming to philly. >> thanks for having me. >> this is my first time. >> well, welcome. >> philly virgins. >> cool. >> not many of us left. >> a real philly experience.
9:37 am
>> he is loving it. >> was it good for you you. >> so still a head, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, that is what sue says so why not head down the shore. there is something, you can sip and stroll wine on the boardwalk. i thought there was no alcohol but this weekend you can have boost it up on the boardwalk. that woman right through are looking at, the profile is doing that because she's here.
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welcome back. sip, swirl, stroll and repeat, the do ac boardwalk wide promenade is here this weekend. i'm here with leslie. is there a reason we will come
9:41 am
down the shore and go on the boardwalk. >> absolutely, we have got 150 wines, plus bourbons, and you can just give a ticket to the poured walk promenade it is $65. $20 extra for vip and you taste all these fabulous wines with food, enjoy sunshine this weekend and have a great time. >> we're talking about wines with food these are interesting paring is here. >> absolutely. >> this is just a little tease of what you will get this weekend. >> i necessity that. >> come on mike, where are you. >> i brought you a glass, mike, come on. >> do you need a zipper. >> i need a zipper. >> and a stroller. >> so, one of my favorite pairings and thinks a beauty is this champagne. we have the bubble lounge this weekend with them. i call it a poor man's oyster. >> wait a minute good potato chip. >> because the reason that you like oyster with ca viar and with champagne is because it is salty and that is why we
9:42 am
use potato chips. >> i have never seen a paring of wine with chips. >> we live on the age. >> okay, ready. >> yes, living on the edge. >> yes. >> come on, sip the champagne and beautiful champagne, bubble lounge. we also have a glamour girl, sparkling wine from california, inexpensive. it is a great paring, do you see. >> trust me do i this for a living. >> people get their own little glass and they go around. >> and they take vino and go up and down and taste all 150 wines. >> we did a story you can't drink on the boardwalk but this weekend you can. >> if you have a particular, you can. >> yes. >> beautiful red wine as well, which is a wine from italy. do you want to say that. rosa dellmont chinoy heard about you can get wines with the chocolate flavor. >> well, i will introduce you this is the rosea chino,
9:43 am
absolutely beautiful. >> wonderful. >> i got witt cheese. now this isn't check late infused are you ready. you have to drink that one. >> you have to drink it. >> ready. >> now, are you ready, this is the the check late wine. is not made with chocolate, but it is best paring. >> you wouldn't be doing that. >> and thinks all this weekend, right. >> all this he can we even, vip tickets, 20 will dollars straight come here. >> yes. >> 150 wines. >> thanks so much for coming in. we will let mike sip a little bit more. >> check late and wine. >> he loves me right now. >> well, we all love you. i'm at 233 chestnut, the best gelat o in the world. you cannot see it right now. you will a's see it in
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9:46 am
well, this is a nor'easter. it has all of the element of a nor'easter. >> coming up from the south. >> and it is wrapping around the northeast and heading northeast. >> right. >> it will be here all day. >> a a lot of rain. >> still two hour delays at the the airport out there. >> yeah. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, i don't
9:47 am
know how they may gelato but thinks a gelato the place at 13th and sansom rated number one in america. the owners decided to open up a new one. >> ape q is is there showing us how they put it all together. >> thinks best gelato in the world according to national geographic. stephanie, how do you make gelato. >> we make gelato fresh every morning with all local ingredients and we, it is just made with the best ingredients. it has less air and half calories than traditional ice cream. it goodies for you. it is like a health food in italy. we are trying to get that here. >> what is the difference. >> it is all about processes. when we make our gelato we try not to pump air into it. half calories, half the fat and made fresh every morning with local, our milk is from scottish cows, about 50 minutes away, and it is
9:48 am
really, it goodies for you. >> that flavor you've got here. a lot of flavors here. >> we have a lot of flavors. we use, we try to use locally whenever possible. this is make with coffee, traditional fig that is an italian flavor. thinks our signature, bitter check late. our pistachio, and, some local sugar farms. this is tasting like water melon, grape, we do everything here. they change daily. >> before i taste this, new national geographic, they just said hey this is the best gelato in the world. how did they come to that. >> they put out what is called 500 food journeys of a life time. it comes out every five years. all of the journalist they travel every where, from all over the world. it is really the best that they have found. >> let me taste some of this. what others do we have right here. >> right here i have got a
9:49 am
real spoon for you here. >> okay. >> what is this right here that right there is our irish coffee which we it is made with coffee and we spike it with a little bit of whiskey. i want to you try that, that taste like water melon. really interesting. >> wow. >> that is our pistachio which is made of pistachio, and we import them ourselves. that is our check late which is our signature dish. >> wow. >> 233 chestnut. >> yes, mike. >> do they make it there. >> you guys make it here. >> yes. >> we make it downstairs. >> yes, downstairs. >> we're a full functioning dairy. we buy our milk raw we pass tour advertised and make it on site every morning. >> it is all going down, downstairs. >> how long does that take. >> it takes about an hour and a half. >> only a hour and a half. >> not too bad.
9:50 am
>> really good. >> i want a camera over there and watch that made. i never seen gelato being made. >> this is so fresh, it is like it melts right way. >> gelato is served at a warm are temperatures so when it hits your tongue it melts immediately. >> dragon breath. >> can i tell you this, mike, stephanie's husband was mad that you were hitting on her earlier. he is walking around the street, walking around the corner. >> she's a adorable. >> yes. >> she makes alcoholic beverage. it has been said never discuss politics or religion among friend, certainly not around your family it could lead to a fight, but who have would have thought the the weather could be such a the hot topic at day care, check out, this debate over rain drops.
9:51 am
>> my mom told me it is sprinkling, not raining. >> my mom said it was raining. >> no, my mom says it is drizzling. >> my mom said it is raining. >> my mom says it is raining. >> unaudible. >> you poked me. >> my mommy said -- say sorry. >> my mommy said it was drizzling. >> stop. >> my mommy said it is sprinkling outside, macy. >> these people grew up to be scott williams, caitlin roth and sue serio. >> you know, it is serious when you point the finger, you know it is serious. >> say sorry. >> did you are desperate stick
9:52 am
your finger up your nose and stick it in his face. >> that was great i have seen these three do that in the weather center. >> caitlin will go, this is a nor'easter. no, it is not. >> scotties in the in middle calm down, say you are sorry. >> hey, go ahead there is a situation in new jersey. okay, i used it. the situation is in trouble with the law, what he did to that that could land him behind bars. do you know he is worth other nine million-dollar. >> it is disgusting it is depressing
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at a couple of things here when alex was growing up, it was her job, her chore, to clean out the litter box for the kitty, right. >> but sometimes the kitty
9:56 am
would miss and so we would may 1 hit wonders all day to day. whenever i would see poop, i would say poop, there it is, poop there it is. >> that was, just this last summer. >> another confirmation, is it will smith's birthday. >> i don't know. >> do you. >> on instagram you gave him a shout out. >> yes third thing, we just did a wine segment so the flyers organization got, it is tonight. >> happy birthday. >> forty-six. >> well, flyers got all jealous and said we have our own wine. believe it or in the this is locally made, chadds ford winery has team up with the flyers to interest tuesday classic white and red wines. >> yes. >> is there any other color of wine? the -- >> the rosea. >> sure, thank you. that is a blend. >> a blend of the two. >> sure. >> the american blends are
9:57 am
meant for everybody, you know, and will be available throughout the season this hockey season. i don't know where you can get it, but... >> pretty classy too, screw on top. >> that cork was made from animal parts. >> pasturized do you know what that taste like. >> claude giroux. >> yes. >> we have to tell but the situation mike sorentino. believe it or no this doodies worth over ten million-dollar. that makes me sick. you know from mtv. he didn't pay his taxes, did he. >> jersey shore star didn't presently pay taxes, at about the million-dollar. he is charge with that. he is charged with two counts of filing false tax returns. his brother as well involved in this whole thing. so both of them are saying no, we didn't do it. we're not guilty. this will get all the way out of here, sun will be up tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 60's, by the time this is over, solute the troops day tomorrow. >> that is right join us
9:58 am
tomorrow right outside at fourth and market. we will have music food and solute the military and we will support men and women who serve
9:59 am
10:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, the surprise divorce of amber rose and wiz khalifa. what went wrong? we and the situation has a serious cash situation. will he trade the jersey shore for prison? plus, jennifer hudson is here, and wendy gets personal. weight loss, motherhood and marriage rumors. ♪